I am Hetty Hameleers, living in Canton Zürich, Switzerland, but also regularly visiting my hometown Antwerp in Belgium.


Graduated as a Marketer, spent most of my career in the graphic, interior and decoration sectors. After a lot of self study and attending some fascinating workshops, I became a self-employed photographer.


My ambition went beyond making super-sharp photos that can be printed extremely large.

I gradually came to creations closer to myself, creations that make the viewer wonder whether it is a photograph or a painting, creations with their own character. This could be a look that fascinates or intrigues, or a particular focus to which your gaze is drawn to.


The ultimate aspiration is to create balanced, unique art pieces with which the viewer has a connection above all. Most of my works are also available in Limited Editions, with a certificate of authenticity.


My works can meanwhile be found in private collections in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. There have been publications in some local Swiss magazines, including the cover of 'Ägeri Taler' in Canton Zug.


In 2021, my creation 'The Young Lioness' was chosen at the prestigious Swiss Photo Club Awards, to be exhibited at the Photobastei in Zürich.


Once a year, I also exhibit for a charity 'Rainbows for Children'. A large part of the revenues of works sold then go to an Ethiopian school in Mekele, where my husband and I sponsor 3 children and where we ourselves have worked as volunteers.

I also regularly donate one of my works to other fundraising projects.


Thank you very much for visiting my website, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.